The Y Music School is committed to providing quality music instruction in a safe and fun environment for ages 6 and up.

Music classes for ages 6 to Adult:
Band, Drum, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, and Vocal.

Here at the Y Fender Music School, students of all levels are welcome, and no student is turned away due to experience. Our program consists of 6 sessions, each spanning 8 weeks. Lessons include Beginner Level 1 and 2, Intermediate, and Advanced courses. Each class may have textbook(s) that the student will need to purchase upon registration. As the student moves into different levels, a different textbook maybe required.

Please find the link below to register, or if you have questions please email Ryan at [email protected]!

Young Beginner Level 1 (6-10 years) / Older Beginner Level 1 (10 years and up)
Prerequisite: None
Description: This is an 8-week course that is designed to give the students an understanding of basic music skills and techniques as well as beginning music theory. The course covers identifying the main parts of the instrument, note reading, and playing simple songs.

Young Beginner Level 2 (6-10 years) / Older Beginning Level 2 (10 years and up)
Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1, or instructor recommendation.
Description: This is an 8-week music course that continues where Level 1 ended. This 8-week beginner music course continues in basic note reading and simple songs.

Intermediate Level
Prerequisite: Completion of Beginner Level 2, or instructor recommendation.
Description: Areas of study include more advanced reading notation, improvisation strategies, and performance in popular music of varying genres.

Advanced Level
Prerequisite: Completion of Intermediate Level, or instructor recommendation.
Description: The areas of study are similar to the Intermediate Level, but with a higher level of performance.

Group Lessons:
Fee:  $132 for 8 weeks. 
Sessions: 45 minute sessions, once a week. (NOTE: Due to holidays, some sessions are 7 weeks)

Private Lessons:
Fee: $132 for 4 weeks. $264 for full 8 week session.
Sessions: 4 half hour lessons, once a week. 

Instruments are provided or are available for a rental fee depending on the instrument needed.

Financial Assistance available for those who qualify!

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Meet our talented music instructors!

The Y Music School instructors have spent a lifetime dedicated to mastering their craft personally and professionally.
Our instructors represent professorship at 5 colleges and universities in Southern California. They are professional touring and recording musicians with decades of teaching experience.

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