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Beginning with introduction to music for ages 2-4. This energetic class is designed to make learning music, dance & theater exciting and fun. 

Information on music classes for ages 2-4


Fee:  $132 for 8 weeks of lessons.

Private lessons starting at $35 per half hour.

Instruments are provided.


It has been proven statistically, students who take music score higher on standardized test, average a higher GPA, score better on the SAT and have a higher graduation rate. This is not a new revelation but rather shown in studies that have been done since the 1960’s. Our private lesson’s focus on your student with one on one instruction. In this environment, students will receive tailored instruction to develop key skills at a rate they are comfortable with. Instruments for rent are guitars and pianos.


Meet our talented music instructors!

The Y Music School instructors have spent a lifetime dedicated to mastering their craft personally and professionally. Our instructors represent professorship at 5 colleges and universities in Southern California. They are professional touring and recording musicians with decades of teaching experience.


Ruben - Music Teacher
Henry - Music Teacher
Jessica-Music Teacher
Adrienne - Music Teacher
Paulina - Music Teacher

Ruben Guaderrama

Henry Rodriguez

Jessica McKee

Adrienne Parks

Paulina Reynoso

Guitar & Band Instructor

Drums Vocal Piano & Keyboard Vocal & Piano Instructor